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Our strategic  vision is to benefit human health by providing a healthier, more enjoyable, non habit forming, inherently self limiting, additive or replacement, through the use of our patented innovations. Read more...


We hold two worldwide (PCT) Patents relevant to what we do and to what we aspire:

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Binge Behaviour Regulators 

Patent no:  WO2016092546

Alcoholic Beverage Substitutes. 

Patent no: WO2016092547

Please Note "We have been directected by the FTC to draw Attention to the difference between patent approval and GRAS status. Patent approval does not indicate safety. This Product has not been approved by the FDA.

Pace Alcohol Alternative

PACE has all the qualities of a successful alcohol substitute. It also discourages binging. Read more...

Imagine a groundbreaking beverage, which gives you the same feeling as alcohol, but achieves this with 0.5% of the amount needed by alcoholic beverages. Now imagine that same beverage has 0 sugar, 0 calories, AND no alcohol content and can be consumed in conjunction with alcohol or enjoyed on its own. It achieves the desired sensation with 187.5 times less than its alcohol counterpart. The brain is appeased while the liver is not overwhelmed with huge quantities of ethyl-alcohol to detoxify. In fact, you would experience the pleasurable effects of inebriation without the rest of your organs suffering the ravages of alcohol.