About Us

DACOA Diet Alcohol Corporation of the Americas

Our Mission

Our strategic vision is to benefit human health and restructure the culture and relationship between mankind and ethyl-alcohol, by providing a healthier, more enjoyable, non habit forming, inherently self limiting, additive or replacement, through the use of our patented innovations, in synthetic alcohol alternatives and chemical behavior modification (binge behavior regulators), as well as provide a strong value to our shareholders and investors, to incentivize and facilitate a sustainable business model in mitigating the harms of human excess with a core concentration on the reduction of alcohol consumption.


Today's workplace has been transformed by out-of-the-box pioneers like Google and Apple. In today's landscape there are no individual stars that consistently get and deserve all the glory in a company. Every effort is a group effort and every achievement is a collective one. Indeed, society is so big, our life so fast paced and so complex that it really requires a group of people working together to achieve something meaningful.

As Dacoa continues to grow, it will continue to acquire additional team members of the highest productivity. Together, they all stand behind the company brand in an effort to make the world a little bit better.