Warning: Do not combine Pace together with serotonergics like MDMA, or SSRI's (for example: Prozac), St. John's Wort, 5-HTP or other psychoactives that act via serotonin . MEAI has very little interaction with the dopaminergic subnetwork, the Gaba subnetwork and others and can coexist with drugs that work through those mechanisms. This is why it can be safely consumed in conjunction with alcohol. Combining with drugs that operate on the cannabinoid receptors (for example: marijuana), gaba receptors (for example: Alcohol, GHB or benzodiazepines), catecholamine receptors (for example: cocaine or amphetamine) is possible and will assist to curb cravings.

Q: How does this product make you feel?

A: This product gives a pleasant inebriation and a feeling of satiety and contentedness. The effects at proper dosages resemble those felt when drinking alcohol without the nausea, confusion and hangover.


Q: What is evidence based drinking and why is this so important?

A: Evidence based drinking is an approach to consumption by which it is both planned and recorded and habits are modified according to decisions made while looking at data collected. It is important because many detrimental events that occur under severe drunkenness can be prevented with a planned approach.

Q: Is this product legal?

A: Yes. Absolutely. This product is neither regulated nor scheduled in the USA or Canada.


Q: How should this product be used?

A: This product should be consumed in tandem with or as a replacement for alcohol whenever there is a concern that too much alcohol will be consumed.


Q: What is binge mitigation?

A: Binge mitigation is the prevention of excess or the prevention of recurring over consumption.  


Q: Can this product be used with alcohol or other drugs?

A: Yes it can. In fact, it is supposed to be used in conjunction with alcohol. And it has been tested this way. 


Q: How does this product work on the human body?

A: MEAI triggers a mechanism that invokes satiety and contentedness. MEAI is not a load on the liver, or heart or other organs as are equivalent amounts of alcohol.


Q: Who should avoid this product?

A: This product is an inebriate. You should avoid it if you do not want to become inebriated. Also, it is not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing unless otherwise directed by their physician.


Q: What are the health benefits of this product?

A: The harm reduction benefits are the alcohol not consumed. Alcohol has been linked to 7 types of cancer as well as many other unhealthy conditions. alcohol-induced psychotic disorder; alcohol-induced bipolar disorder; alcohol-induced depressive disorder; alcohol- induced anxiety disorder; alcohol-induced sleep disorder; alcohol-induced sexual dysfunction; and alcohol- induced major or mild neurocognitive disorder.      

Q: How long does this product stay in 'my system'?

A: This is currently under pharmacological investigation, but is estimated at 14 hours


Q: How does this product differ from alcohol?

A: It is healthier than alcohol. Scientists have found alcohol to be the most harmful drug being consumed by mankind today. PACE stops binging, as opposed to alcohol (which promotes binging).


Q: How strong an inebriant is this product relative to other substances/Alcohol? 

A: MEAI is dosed per bottle to be an inebriant of equivalent strength to a single serving of alcohol. 


Q: Is MEAI addictive?

A: No. It is self limiting – the very opposite of addictive.


Q: Does MEAI promote weight loss?

A: MEAI suppresses appetite but should not be used for weight loss. 


Q: How does this product effect motor skills, judgment and other brain functions?

A: Response time is slowed, motor skills are impaired similar to the effect of alcohol. Mood may improve, and preliminary observations suggest that judgement is not impaired as would be under the influence of alcohol.


Q: What, if any, side effects does this product cause?

A: The product may cause body heat to rise slightly. In some people drowsiness and fatigue comparable to alcohol consumption is observed.


Q: How much of this product is too much, can you overdose?

A: Every serving of PACE contains 0.16 grams of active ingredient. Although the product is far safer than alcohol, avoid over consumption.  We recommend to not consume more than 2 servings per hour and no more that 6 during a night out.   


Q: At that price it's too expensive.

A: Some consumers have reported that two bottles last them the entire night. That comes to less than what some people pay for alcohol on a night out. 


Q: Disclaimer: Once you open this bottle, you assume any and all liability to this substance which is not approved by any governing medical body...

A: This disclaimer is clearly mentioned on our product labeling and on our website. Our product has undergone preliminary toxicological testing and results have been published in medical literature. We believe in consumer's right and ability to make the correct decision for themselves, each according to one's own tendencies and proclivities.


Q: Soooo what is it then?

A: PACE is a beverage, designed to confer a mild inebriation together with a sense of satiety that curbs the desire to drink excessively. It is based on an active organic compound called MEAI.


Q: So you can drink and drive ?

A: Pacedrink has been noted to increase motor response times. Therefore, we feel it would be irresponsible to consume PACE and drive at the same time. Naturally, a breathalyser test would not indicate any elevated alcohol levels if you did not drink any alcohol in conjunction with PACE. But PACE was not invented to cheat the breathalyzer. It was invented to allow people to have fun and stay healthy. 


Q: Can drinking too much pace lead to blacking out or anything like that?

A: No. Blackouts are commonly caused by gaba receptor agonists, like ethanol and GHB. Consuming large amounts of MEAI, typically makes people lethargic and want to go to bed, somewhat like certain medical marijuana products.


Q: Sounds like a chemical derivative of roofies. 

A: The active ingredient in Pace is MEAI. A new synthetic which confers a light inebriation and a content feeling which curbs excessive drinking. It does this through serotonin receptor agonism unlike "roofies" aka benzodiazepines which are gaba receptor agonists. It is exactly because it does not target the gaba system, that it can be consumed in conjunction with the ethanol in alcoholic beverages.


Q: Please explain to us what consequences can arise when Pace is taken with excess alcohol. I am aware that drugs like GHB(roofies) effects can be deadly when taken with excess amount of alcohol.

A: What we've found is that MEAI and ethanol are not augmentative to each other. In medical parlance, they do not contraindicate. The serotonin agonism of MEAI changes one's behavior (to consume less). This occurs whether they have been drinking or not. It does not reverse whatever harmful effects ethanol has had, but it does serve to reduce harm by changing choices away from "more is better" towards "I've had enough".


Q: What kind of sorcery is this?

A: MEAI, the active ingredient in Pace is a new synthetic which confers a mild inebriation along with a feeling of contentedness that curbs overconsumption and excessive drinking. It has been toxicologically shown to render no physiological harm.

It does this through serotonin receptor agonism which normally confers a feeling of contentedness.
Recent scientific advances in neuroscience and toxicology have made it possible to better understand these processes.


Q:Does Pace interact with sedative hypnotics (i.e., Ativan, Xanax) in the same way that alcohol does?

A: No it does not. Pace is a serotonin receptor agonist. Benzodiazepines, GHB and other compounds that have a compounded reaction with ethanol are gaba receptor agonists, like ethanol itself which is the active ingredient in alcoholic beverages.

PACE was developed so that it could be used to reduce drinking while actually consuming alcohol.


Q: What does it taste like?

A: It has a bitter chemical taste. The drink is comprised of MEAI (the active ingredient) and water. We have made no attempts to mask the taste or the appearance by adding artificial flavoring or artificial coloring. Consumers report that it goes down most easily in a fruit juice or in conjunction with an alcoholic beverage.


Q: Is MEAI like 2A-I?

A: 2-AI is not the same as MEAI. And it has different properties. A different pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic profile. MEAI is in the aminoindane family, but it is not 2-aminoindane. Typically, phenyl ring substitutions (which MEAI has at the meta position) change receptor binding affinity. In this case, affinity changes from affinity to adrenaline receptors, as in the case of 2-aminoindane, to serotonin receptors in the case of MEAI. This confers a "content" feeling which keeps people from smoking, drinking, eating or over-consuming anything.


Q: Is this just a placebo?

A: No. MEAI actually has quite a strong effect. Overwhelming for some people. It is an actual psychoactive.


Q: What if i chug the whole pack like a real mofo?

A: Toxicological testing has determined that if you consume more than 40 at once, you run the risk of being dangerously intoxicated.

To date, we haven't encountered any customer that chose to drink more than 4. It seems that the sense of satiety conferred by the drink changes one's choices with regards to excessive behavior.
Typically, consuming too much of this is most similar to consuming too much edible cannabis.

Q: Why not just drink booze?

A: MEAI was developed due to continuous reports from the CDC that alcohol consumption is an increasingly threatening health risk.



Q: So it's classified as "food" also? Not medicine or a "drug"?

A: PaceDrink is a drink. Much like Martini breezers, Rockstar or Angostura bitters. All drinks that are heatedly debated. To avoid misleading anyone, we admit in all our advertising that our claims have not been approved by the FDA and that PACE does not claim to cure any condition or disease.


Q: Is this safe for people with liver disease?

A: Preliminary results show that MEAI is not processed by the liver to any substantial degree. Although laws prohibit us to make this claim on the labeling before the FDA has approved it's validity.

See this paper for more detailed information: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/29458138/


Q: How many servings are in one 50ml bottle?

A: For average weight female drinkers we've received reports that half to one bottle can last all night on an empty stomach. Average weight males have reported that they require either two or three bottles for a night out. Some heavier set drinkers have reported that nothing less than four bottles sufficed. But we would not recommend this.


Q: The long term effects are not known.

A: The harms of ethanol, which is the active ingredient in alcoholic beverages are well-documented to be quite substantial. See CDC reports here: https://www.cdc.gov/alcohol/index.htm

PACE is a harm-reduction product targeted to give consumers more variety in their choice of inebriant. As well as a respite from excessive alcohol consumption.


Q: Are there any other side effects, such as the crash that similar psychoactives like MDMA bring on following use?

A: All the early adopters of this drink have not yet reported on next day depression, serotonin syndrome and similar side effects regularly associated with serotonergics.

Additionally, the aminoindanes (the family of molecules to which MEAI belongs) are known to be non-neurotoxic and non-cardiotoxic according to several scientific research studies ( See for example this paper or this paper).


Q: A person wasted on Pace could soar through a breathalyser checkpoint and kill someone with their car. 

A: We've found that most people choose not to get behind the wheel when they are under the influence of MEAI. We're working to demonstrate that in a proper study, the results of which can be submitted to the FDA. The underlying reasons, are that while the downstream metabolites of ethanol are glutamate receptor agonists MEAI is a serotonin receptor agonist. Glutamate agonism impairs judgement whilst serotonin does not. We believe that a market in which drinkers have a choice between ethanol and MEAI is slightly safer than a market in which ethanol is the only choice.


Q: Do you ship to Canada?

A: Yes we do. We have many repeat Canadian customers. Please allow 3 working days for handling from time of ordering to time of shipping. Also, please note that the Canadian Border agency can delay a parcel for as long as they choose at their discretion. We have no control over and cannot expedite a parcel delayed at the border.


Q: If this is a synthetic chemical, how can you sell it for human consumption? 

A: We adhere to FDA regulations called "Good Manufacturing Practices" (GMP) that is the gold standard for food and pharmaceutical quality chemicals. All medicines are manufactured according to the GMP standard, as well as all synthetic food colorings and all synthetic sweeteners.