Product Reviews

Tim C - 4 Stars

Tastes bad, but the high Felt great. It made me feel cold very quickly. When I went to sleep that night, I was sweating more than usual. It definitely makes you drink less.

Tiffany K. - 5 Stars

I have tried the product several times. It gives a pleasant sensation and each time it seems to suppress my urge to eat and drink liquor. I did not try it in a focus group I tried it on my own and didn’t pay attention to how much I took. I do remember that the experiences were not consistent. I felt a noticeably different level of inebriation each time.

Roy T. - 4 Stars

A friend gave me a bottle to try. Usually I drink a case of beer a night. The night I took Pace, I drank about 4 or 5 shots and a six pack. I felt a little more high than drunk though. I did drink less but, I felt high. I would try it again but probably I’m more comfortable with just drinking.

Sol L. - 5 Stars

Have always had a beer gut. I like the fact that I can substitute this for alcohol and get the same general buzz. The idea of a zero calorie alcohol substitute seemed too good to be true. It feels good, but seems a little expensive. I guess it might work out cheaper though because you drink so much less booze.

Derrick L. - 3 Stars

When I took this product, I felt dizzy. I do have dizzy spells so I’m not sure if it was me or the drink, but I wouldn’t want to try again.

Mike D - 5 Stars

Tried the product based on a friend’s recommendation. I didn’t like the taste but the affects were amazing. I took a bottle before going out to dinner. I felt full after only eating a few bites of food. I didn’t have the desire to consume much alcohol. I had 2 glasses of wine, far less than normal, yet I felt like I had much more. I’m glad I wasn’t driving that night.

Harry V. - 3 Stars

Wasn’t crazy about it. Tastes horrible and gave me a nausea feeling. It felt like I had a few drinks. My friends liked it, but this just isn’t for me. I will stick to my Budweiser and Brandy.

Trish K - 4 Stars

I tried the product on a night out. It was interesting. I felt very relaxed for a very long period of time. I am not a heavy drinker. After taking 1 bottle of Pace I didn’t want to drink at all. It also made me want to have sex.

Monica S. - 5 Stars

Great night, I had just a few drinks and felt the effects for most of the time we were out. When I got home I slept like a baby.

Ganesh V - 5 Stars

I am a diabetic and not supposed to drink alcohol. I drink daily though. I only tried Pace once. The feeling was good. I tried mixing it in my scotch and It threw the taste off. I’m not sure if it made me drink less or not but the buzz was certainly stronger than if I had only had the liquor I had that night. If I can get the same bang out of less liquor, it would help me as a diabetic.

Jack H - 5 Stars

I normally drink 4 bottles of red wine per day. I have general anxiety disorder and tremors which I am probably self-medicating for. I tried Pace at night along with my wine. I didn’t drink much less than normal, but I think it made me less hungry. It made my anxiety better for the whole night, more than alcohol does.

James C - 4 Stars

Gave me a feeling of wellbeing. I didn’t feel like doing much after taking. just wanted to curl up on the couch with my girlfriend.

George B - 4 Stars

Made me sleepy and I had to go the bathroom a lot. But beer does the same to me. Feeling was ok, but the drink tastes bad. If you get past the taste the buzz is good.

Terri L. - 5 Stars

I didn’t like the taste at all, in fact the taste was pretty bad. It does do what my friends were telling me though. I drank about half of what I normally drink, but felt about the same or better. The next morning I had no headache or hangover. I went to work feeling much better than I usually feel after a night of heavy drinking.

Scott N - 5 Stars

Tastes bad, but the high Felt great. It made me feel cold very quickly. When I went to sleep that night, I was sweating more than usual. It definitely makes you drink less.

Kisha J - 4 Stars

It wasn’t what I expected. I felt inebriated, but it was a slightly different feeling than when I drink. It took a little while to take effect but was intense for about two hours. I would try it again but would probably drink less of it.

Lenny E - 5 Stars

Attended a focus group with a group of professionals I know. The product did work as was described to me beforehand. All of us were drinking. I felt slightly inebriated for several hours. The feeling lasted much longer than what I’m used to with alcohol alone. I would suggest having a designated driver when using this product.

Sam W - 1 Star

As this product has been tested on rats and medical publications confirm that the side effects are “unpredictable” this product should be used with extreme caution. In my experience PACE dehydrated me, made me nauseous, and increased my body temperature to fever levels, much of the same effects as drugs like MDMA. There are many currently legal synthetic drugs that can be ordered on the internet because they have not yet been regulated/no laws pertain to them and this is 100% one of those drugs. Marketing and packaging may cause you to underestimate this, please do not. Treat this product as a recreational drug with unpredictable side effects.

Kevin M - 4 Stars

I tried it several times. There's always a queasiness when it first kicks in. Then I don't feel like moving much most of time. I feel very heavy. It makes your pupils dialate as well, but there is very little visuals.
The closest thing to it is maybe
 ecstasy, but it's not a neurotoxin unlike MDMA. It's like a mild form.
The most I've yet tried is 2 bottles in one serving, and though that was a strong buzz, it still isn't anything like mushrooms or ecstasy.

Chad D - 5 Stars

I lovedit!!! Going to be ordering more soon. I'd like to get a batch of 50 and DVD a bunch of people try it too. I mean it tastes like dirty puddle water from a busy gas station, but the taste doesn't linger and you drink so little of the stuff during the course of an evening it's not a big deal. I've definitely put worse things in my mouth. LMAO! I found it was like a STRONG drunk except without the slurring of speech, or most of the imbalance issues, and absolutely zero hangover.